The foundation Become The Best Version Of Yourself really matches my liberal values, which is what the VVD also represents! At the same time it is Lisa Staal who is the driving force behind BTBVOY: What a woman! She put so much passion and faith in it that it’s hard to NOT be influenced by it and think: Yes! I want to help this cause!
Dilan Yesilgoz – Dutch Parliament (Lower House) VVD.

The way Lisa works with these girls that can’t or won’t identify the main source of their problems is very special. I had the chance to experience one of her workshops, in which emotions were running high and some of the girls cry. After the workshop, however, the girls show a relief that the workshop took some weight off their shoulders. By displaying their vulnerability, these girls become stronger. Keep up the good work Lisa!
Humeyra Comce – Representative ‘Pak je Kans’ Amsterdam

If I hadn’t participated in this Girls Project, I would have given up everything… Thanks to my coach Amber, I now am much wiser.
Naima – participant Girls Project

If it hadn’t been for BTBVOY, it would have ended up badly in my life!
Soraya – participant Girls Project

I have so much respect for this woman and the way she helps people bring the best out of themselves. I had the honor of having Lisa Staal as my coach.
I’ve been to multiple psychologists who, after 10 sessions, still couldn’t say what the source of my behavior and habits was.
Lisa, on the other hand, has confronted me, explained, and taught me how to deal with my past and present. No doctor, psychologist, or whatever else, has been able to explain everything to me so clearly.


The masterclass Love, Relationships, and Sex was also very interesting and I regret not knowing this when I was younger. Personally, I feel like such classes should be taught from secondary school onwards! It is all about LOVE. Thank you, Lisa!
Halima – participant Girls Project

When I started this project, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My coach Inge, however, has taught me so much. Now, I’m stronger and more confident, and I can deal with certain situations better. Inge is very sweet and over the course of this project we built a beautiful connection.
Mariska – participant Girls Project

I had an amazing connection with my coach Jennifer right from the start. We were so much alike. In a short time, I’ve learned a lot. Now, I can say NO more easily and I can stand up for myself.
Serin – participant Girls Project

The workshop during this Girls Project was an intens and confronting journey through my mind & body.
Laila – participant Girls Project

Oh, my GOD! I can’t find the words for it… So beautiful, so good! This workshop sets so many important things in motion.
Hadia – participant Girls Project

The connection I had with my coach Maaike was very good from the start. She is a very nice woman who taught me a lot!
Saffron – participant Girls Project

My coach Angela immediately made me feel safe and welcome. From the start, she took me under her wing. I really felt like I was given the right coach. Angela is my role model for the rest of my life and I will always be able to use what she taught me. Dear Angela, I love you to the moon and back!
Ahlam – participant Girls Project

Lisa, you were like an angel who helped us in a moment we needed a light to guide us. You’ve not only helped us find personal coaches, but you helped us with everything. Superwoman! I’m so happy I got this chance and had the best time today. Again, I want to thank you for being the beautiful person that you are and for all the other beautiful people that I got to meet during this project. Big hug.
Ahlam – participant Girls Project

My connection with Lisa was very special. She was such a sweet and caring woman for me. This project has made me much more aware. It made me wiser and enabled me to break through certain patterns. I’ll miss it!
Laila – participant Girls Project