The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality. It all starts in 2018 at school!
It’s time to do something about it. #TimesUp

The sexualization of our society is at the expense of BEAUTIFUL LOVE and the consequences for our girls (youngsters) and their future are serious.

Inspired by role models like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian, it is understandable that (vulnerable) girls display similar behavior because that’s what is ‘expected.’

But there are more issues. Many girls are too scared to say NO when boys keep pushing for sex. Children that are way too young are exposed to porn daily. This is not just detrimental to them, but it’s also the cause of (very) negative and worrisome developments at (primary) schools.

The problem is also that teenagers don’t really know the difference between having sex and making love. It’s logical that they don’t, because singers and dancers in music videos, advertisements, the internet, and other media pay attention to SEX and LUST only. This is why children anno 2018 grow up thinking that sex is more important than LOVE, and that everything they see online about sex is normal.

In 2017 we launched the training My Body My Rules to EMPOWER girls between ages 11 to 14.

During this training – which focuses on sexual agency – girls learn how to better indicate their borders and learn to say NO when there is something they don’t want. Furthermore, we give them the tools to be able to create more self-worth and self-respect. The younger you start this, the better! After all, the trouble starts as early as primary school.


Teacher primary school De Achtsprong, Amsterdam:
‘It’s incredible what the girls tell during the training. An environment of openness and safety is created. Unique!’


Principal primary school De Achtsprong, Amsterdam:
‘Lisa, your contribution is fundamental for a school like Achtsprong, the children deserve someone like you who dedicates themselves to this.’


The students give our training sessions an unprecedented high score.
Among hundreds of students, only two gave the training an 8 out of 10, at least ten students gave the training a 9, and all other students gave it 10s, 100s, 1000s, and even a score of a million! (see reference below) #proud


Goal of the training
New understanding/knowledge
Mental growth/Sexual Agency


Schools (and other institutions) are able to use our training sessions for free. Girls in grade 8 (the last year of primary school) and the first two years of secondary school are welcome to join.


We operate in region Amsterdam, ‘t Gooi, Arnhem and Nijmegen.


For more information you can send a mail to
or call +31 6 22 42 49 79.


With love and respect,
Lisa Staal & team

Paul van Meenen – D’66 – Spokesman education onderwijs
‘I attended a very special class. Lisa Staal makes ‘it’ easily acceptable for conversation and knows how to get students’ attention. It’s among other things about respect, which is very important for girls. I hope many students in the Netherlands will experience this masterclass. AMAZING!’

Behind the scenes: you can view the commercial MY BODY MY RULES now on AT5.

My Body My Rules in ‘VROUW’ section of newspaper “The Telegraaf.”

Student Reference

Student Reference

Student reference