Although this masterclass is about love, relationships, and sex, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is key. The way people experience love and sex has everything to do with your own personality, your EQ. Since a large part of young people lacks self-love and self-respect, there are a lot of consequent issues in the field of love, relationships, and sex. There’s a lot to learn! Not just by young people, by the way. There are plenty of adults that lack self-love and self-respect. The cause: the stupid programming from the past. We struggle with anxiety, frustration, anger, insecurity and much more, which makes it difficult to engage in a truly loving and worthy relationship.

Dutch Parliament (Lower House) member Tanja Jadnanansing – PVDA:
‘Lisa Staal knows how to inspire the youth to develop personal leadership in a convincing way.’

Currently, we live in a ‘sex-society’ and sex has more and more influence. Consequently, youngsters (children) grow up with a distorted view of love. Having sex and making love are two different things.
During sex, you’re able to keep your mask on and act tough, be egocentric, and most of all focus on getting an orgasm. Making love is something else entirely! When you make love, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Respect and appreciation are dominant facets while making love. It’s becoming one, together, in harmony which each other… Unfortunately, a lot of people never get to experience this in their life. It seems to be a very difficult challenge to take off that mask, even for adults!

Paul van Meenen – D’66 – Spokesman education
‘I attended a very special class. Lisa Staal makes ‘it’ easily acceptable for conversation and knows how to get students’ attention. It’s among other things about respect, which is very important for girls. I hope many students in the Netherlands will experience this masterclass. AMAZING!’

Aaltje Veen – director Productief Leren Hilversum
‘The classes were extremely successful and made the students realize that everything depends on who you are and what you’ve been through in life. This masterclass is a must for all schools!’



Again, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is predominant in this masterclass. This masterclass intends to get students to think further. Like masterclass 1, this one touches you right where it hurts. It doesn’t just affect the students, but the teachers and coaches feel it too…
This masterclass connects people and makes you realize that if you walk the path of self-worth & self-respect, the world and everyone’s life becomes so much better.

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Video of an extremely successful masterclass. These students felt emotional and it made them think.

Paul van Meenen – D’66 – Spokesman education

Dutch Parliament (Lower House) member Tanja Jadnanansing – PVDA: ‘This class really opened my eyes.’

Dilan Yesilgoz – Dutch Parliament (Lower House)

Street-interviews: The current ‘sex-society’ and its negative influence for youngsters.